Why and What is the PowerMatcher Suite? PowerMatcher Suite?

The Suite comprises two disruptive open source technologies; the PowerMatcher and the Energy Flexibility Platform & Interface. Both technologies are complementary but can also function on their own. The PowerMatcher is a smart grid coordination mechanism. The Energy Flexibility Platform & Interface, EF-Pi in short, is an operating system which enables appliances, the smart grid and smart services to communicate with each other.

Why PowerMatcher PowerMatcher

An introduction into the world of PowerMatcher, a smart grid coordination mechanism.

Why Energy Flexibility Platform & Interface Energy Flexibility Platform & Interface

An introduction into the world of EF-Pi, a platform that removes silo thinking for smart appliance connectivity.

Business Cases Cases

The Suite is targeted at a large user group and therefore holds various business cases for a variety of stakeholders. Please read this section to find out how to cash the chips.

Why Open Source?! Open Source?!

The Suite is open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. A unique proposition in the smart grid world. We believe it will propell adoption.