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Are you an aggregator wanting to harvest Flexibility? feature image

Are you an aggregator wanting to harvest Flexibility? harvest Flexibility?

The PowerMatcher is available open source and can be used to unlock flexibility, even into household level, cost effectively. All parties are encouraged to take the PowerMatcher, which is licensed under Apache 2.0, and integrate it with their own solution. If you are looking for a standard out of the box flexibility trading platform, look no further.

The Enegy Xchange Enablers (EXE) company is the first commercial solution that has leveraged PowerMatcher technology to unlock flexibility with end consumers/producers (for instance a set of office buildings with a considerable volume of PV and battery installations) and use that flexibility to more effectively purchase energy on the energy markets. The EXE company has released a commercial product that can be used by aggregators to trade the flexibility of the PowerMatcher cluster on the energy markets.

For more information please contact Energy Xchange Enablers here.

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