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Why should I Join? Join?

Both individuals and organisations are welcomed to join the development.


If you came this far you probably find that the problems we are facing in the near future regarding our massive energy consumption habits are unsustainable. By joining our movement you can do your part in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels because we can make much more efficient use of the already available infrastructure, integrate more renewables and have more electric vehicles yea! Besides making the world a better place you might also find that we are working on a very nifty piece of technology. However we are not under the impression that we have thought of the perfect product, but perhaps with your help we can get a step further to perfection!


As an Organisation it could also be of interest for you to actively join the development of the PowerMatcher Suite. PowerMatcher/EF-Pi can add value to your business/organization, but by actively participating you can gain insight and actively steer the product to include your own “demands”/wishes:

  1. Reduce risks
    • Gain insight in security (make sure that new features are save for you to implement)
    • Built in new features and ask others members to help
    • The community might be able to help with issues you are experiencing
  2. Compatibility
    • Help others make sure that your products are compatible with new releases
  3. Don’t lose time on integration
    • It can be time consuming to merge the open source edition with your proprietary extensions. It saves time to contribute these extensions to the project.
  4. More features attract more users
    • If there are more devices/features, it is likely to increase the adoption of the software. This can lead to more customers of the organization.
  5. More innovation
    • By participating in the community you can look for innovation to add to your product
  6. Get your contributions accepted faster
    • Known programmers with a good reputation within the project can add code more easily
  7. Proof for your customers that you know the software since you make active contributions.

Please contact if you want to join the FAN and subscribe to our repositories.

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