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List of Drivers Drivers

EF-Pi drivers (all open source):

Appliance Drivers URL Example Doc
S0 pulse counters fpai-apps    
Miele@Home gateway protocol Dishwasher DW1000 fpai-apps    
Miele@Home gateway protocol Refrigerator fpai-apps    
SMA PV panel fpai-apps   Download
Indesit washing machine and manager     Download
Hexabus smartplug fpai-apps    
Smartmeter driver + manager fpai-apps   Download
Communication Drivers URL Example Doc
Generic serial protocol driver fpai-apps    
Generic Modbus TCP driver fpai-apps    
Generic Bleutooth driver fpai-apps    
Scenario application fpai-apps    

PowerMatcher device agents

Device Agents URL Example Doc
Bluegen (closed source, made by IBM) email: info (a_t)    
PV Panel Simulation + managers fpai-apps    
Battery Simulation + managers fpai-apps    
Heatpump Simulation + managers fpai-apps    

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