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How can I Contribute? Contribute?

PowerMatcher and EF-Pi are open source projects. Contributions are welcome and actively encouraged to improve the experience. There are multiple ways to contribute to the project. Some examples:

  • Share your experience with others (e.g. via
  • Improve/Write documentation (any kind)
  • Report bugs
  • Send in feature requests
  • Fix bugs
  • Develop new features
  • Promote the project


The home of the open source projects is

How to contribute

General information on how the FAN projects work can be found the FAN-wiki. Project specific information can be found in the related repository e.g. PowerMatcher or EF-Pi

Stuff to work on

Look for an issue that fits you. E.g. PowerMatcher or EF-Pi or FAN general items

Communication channels

The communication channels can be found on the FAN Github wiki. The main communication channels are Github issues.

Development status

The current activities can be found on Github.

Coding guidelines

Coding guidelines can be found on the github wiki pages.

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