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Are you a company wanting a more green office? feature image

Are you a company wanting a more green office? green office?

The PowerMatcherSuite can be used to optimize your office building or even a set of office buildings. In addition the PowerMatcher technology can also be used to reduce your energy bill by using the flexibility of your system to buy and/or sell your energy smart on the energy markets. How can you achieve these things? Read on!

The PowerMatcher has been implemented in the Couperus project in The Hague to optimize a residential apartment building with solar panels and heat pumps. The PowerMatcher can also be used to optimize your climate control systems or electric vehicle park. But also larger industrial installations that have flexibility can use the PowerMatcher technology to unlock their flexibility; for instance greenhouse farmers have CHPs, or datacenters have backup generators that are idle most of the time. Virtually any combination of devices is possible; load only, production only; or a combination of both.

The Energy Xchange Enablers (EXE) company is the first commercial solution that has leveraged PowerMatcher technology to unlock flexibility with clients (for instance a set of office buildings with a considerable volume of PV and battery installations) and use that flexibility to more effectively purchase energy on the energy markets. Your company won’t need an energy trading license to do this. Contact Energy Xchange Enablers here.

Want a flying start? All you need to do for your company to be able to leverage the PowerMatcher technology is to make your devices capable of talking PowerMatcher language. It needs a device driver and possibly a device agent. Check out our list of ready available drivers and agents or follow this tutorial that instructs your developers to build an agent quickly and easily.

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