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New Release!

April 16, 2015 | PowerMatcher, 2.0, java OSGI, PowerMatcher ready, open source, Apache 2.0, community, PowerMatcherSuite,

PowerMatcher takes next step in production ready technology


User-friendly version includes Congestion Management tool for local grids

Today, Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN) launches POWERMATCHER 2.0. The redesigned PowerMatcher provides easier utilization in smart grids, by grid companies, aggregators and local energy collectives. It also contains a new congestion management tool for electricity grids. Next to the Open Source code, the new PowerMatcherSuite is also available as runtime-demo, that can be downloaded as a compressed file, ready to be unpacked and run. As the software is open source, it is freely available from the community development website http:// This was revealed by FAN Board member Richard Beekhuis in today’s end conference of the smart grid project “Powermatching City” in Groningen.

Local matching and storage of renewable energy through flexible demand

POWERMATCHER 2.0 matches the varying input of green energy sources, for instance solar energy or wind energy, with flexible demand: for instance freezers, heat pumps, and charging of electrical cars or hybrids. Thus, the renewable energy is better utilized. POWERMATCHER 2.0 has been redesigned by CGI, assisted by TNO and Alliander, to deliver a user-friendly solution for practical application of smart grids. FAN Chairman Bert den Ouden: “Participants of our foundation have worked very hard to produce this new version, ready for practical implementation in smart grids everywhere, in Europe and globally. It also includes a new grid congestion management tool.”

Facilitate Congestion Management in distribution grids

The new feature to avoid congestions in distribution grids has been tested already. In a recent stress-test in some streets in the Dutch city of Lochem, parties tested the limits of distribution grid load, increasing customer demand e.g. from multiple electrical cars and other electrical appliances. Using Powermatcher, it was possible to manage the grid load by reducing flexible demand. Thus, the stress test could be extended until a further operational limit was reached eventually.

About Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN)

FAN is a not-for-profit foundation developing an open-source stand for Smart Grid optimization. Founded in 2013 by two initiating participants, FAN has eight participants today: Alliander, TNO, Accenture, Stedin, DHPA, CGI, ECN and Technolution. All participants are active in Smart Grid developments. See FAN website:

About the PowerMatcher Suite

The “PowerMatcher Suite” is a standardized matching system and equipment driver for smart grids and local markets. This aims at matching (local) renewable generation, like wind and solar, with local flexible demand. It enables local customers and producers to exploit their own flexibility potential and better utilize their own or each other’s power.
PowerMatcher , in different versions of it, has been successfully demonstrated in various reference cases in the Netherlands and Europe, e.g. in the award-winning “PowerMatching city” project in Hoogkerk, the “Couperus” heat pump project in the Hague and the “EcoGrid” project in Denmark. Powermatcher will also be applied in new smart grid projects in Heerhugowaard and Lochem. The Powermatcher Suite is a technical infrastructure designed by Flexiblepower Alliance Network FAN. It is complementary to the USEF initiative, developing the organizational framework in order to provide a complete package for the development and operation of local smart grids.

Do you want to get started with this release? Please visit the PowerMatcher Github wiki for technical background information.

More information about the PowerMacher concept can be found on this website.

Powermatcher is awesome