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PowerMatcher ready for the EUW2014 with a new website and Github presence

November 03, 2014 | PowerMatcher, EUW, European utility week, FAN, github, open source, apache 2.0, smart grid,

EUW14 Ready

#PowerMatcher community is online! After months of work, it time to promote the powermatcher online community! All code is online (on github) and the powermatcher community has a new website: Besides the code this website is hosted on Github! Everybody is welcome to improve the software code or website!

European utility week 2014

Come visit us at the EUW2014! Find out more on the open source PowerMatcher technology on the Energy experiance booth and in the talks.

Smart Homes & End User Engagement SESSION 43: DR IN PRACTICE

6 nov 09.00-09.20 PowerMatching the Future

  • PowerMatcher Stakeholder value proposition

  • Insight in the future of PowerMatcher and PowerMatcher as the future

  • Fields results

Alexander Krstulovic, IT Consultant, Alliander

6 nov 09.40-10.00 A Generic Infrastructure for Coupling Flexible Devices and Demand Response Systems

  • Removing silos will propel the entire industry, for appliances as well as services

  • Flexible power application infrastructure as an open source

  • Join the community: add your drivers or energy appand use all available resources

Winifred Roggekamp, Domain Architect, Technolution B.V

6 nov 12.00-12.20 PowerMatcher & Consumer Behaviour

  • Objectives and workings of PowerMatcher including results

  • Make customers aware of the changes that will altertheir role in the future energy system

  • Combining PowerMatcher and customer participation

Arnoud Rijneveld, Innovator, Stedin

#Questions? Ask questions on Github or offline at the EUW2014!

Powermatcher is awesome