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Four Articles at CIRED'09

June 08, 2009 | PowerMatcher, CIRED, Gigre, Nedap, AREVA,

Four Articles at CIRED'09

At the CIRED 2009 Conference in Prague, four PowerMatcher related papers have been presented. The theme of this year’s conference was: Innovation in Electricity Distribution for a Sustainable Future. CIRED is the leading International Conference on Electricity Distribution. The PowerMatcher related papers cover a wide range of topics: from field test upscaling via Smart Houses and Smart Substations to intelligent software agent strategies.

Three papers were presented in the Distributed Energy Resources leg of the conference. Bart Roossien presented his paper on field test experiences in the one of the two main sessions. His paper describes the upscaling in consecutive PowerMatcher field tests. From a few units in the Crisp field test to approaching 100 units in the field test in the Integral project. The latter test is entering its roll-out phase in the coming period.

Koen Kok presented a paper on Smart Houses delivering power flexibility services to both active distribution management and energy trading. The paper has been a cooperation effort within the SmartHouse/SmartGrid project. It describes different smart grid functionalities (use cases). Further, if gives a qualitative analysis of impacts on energy efficiency and efficient network management. The presentation of this paper was part of a round table session on research directions. Other interesting talks in this session are held by Enexis and Enel. The three talks in the session initiated a lively discussion among speakers and the audience.

The third presented paper is more theoretical in nature and is part of Kok’s PhD work. It analyses different strategies of local control agents in a Virtual Power Plant.

The fourth paper was presented by Josco Kester in one of the sessions on Network Components. On behalf of an industry consortium, Josco presented the Smart Distribution Station, a smart MV/LV-station able of managing power flows while maintaining power quality and reliability. A prototype of this station is currently being tested in the Flex Power Grid Lab in Arnhem (NL). Demonstration in a live test grid of the Dutch grid operator Liander will be conducted in a later stage. First simulation results show a significant reduction of harmonic voltages and resonances, as well as a peak load reduction of 30%. PowerMatcher technology integrated in the station is contributing to the latter.


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