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“Excellent paper” on Recent Results

July 26, 2012 | PowerMatcher, IEEE Power, San Diego, renewable,

Overview of Achievements & Papers

“Excellent paper” on Recent Results At the general meeting of the IEEE Power and Energy Society in San Diego this week, the latest achievements with the PowerMatcher smart grid technology have been presented. The technology was honored a “World-Top Sustainable Solution” at the UN Sustainable Development Conference in Rio just a few weeks ago. Tangible results from two field experiments and three simulations studies are described in what has been called “an excellent paper” by one of the peer reviewers.

The results presented show 60% more renewable energy can be integrated in the electricity system and how distribution grids can be designed up to three times smaller. Demand response and response of distributed generation will be a crucial part of power systems management in the future. Growing amounts of renewable energy sources need to be integrated while, at the same time, overloading of our ageing electricity networks needs to be avoided. The PowerMatcher provides an solution, as is shown in the overview of tangible results the article presents.

The team of eight authors did a good job in presenting a huge amount of research work in an eight page paper according to the conference reviewers. “[T]he authors cover an amazing number of topics within their eight page study in a relatively easy-to-read manner”, according to one reviewer. “This is an excellent paper. Thank you!”, wrote another.

Two projects involving TNO’s PowerMatcher technology are among the 100 most powerful sustainable solutions in the world gathered in the Sustainia100 list. This has been announced at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro last June. Both projects are sustainable electricity demonstration projects: the EcoGrid prototype of the European smart electricity grid and PowerMatching City, the first living smart grid community in the world.

Powermatcher is awesome