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Essent EV now PowerMatcher ready

October 26, 2012 | PowerMatcher, EV, Essent, Volkswagen, Innosys,

Essent EV now PowerMatcher ready

On March 31st, two of the two hundred all electrical Essent vehicles were equipped with the PowerMatcher Technology at InnoSys Delft BV. An Essent all electrical vehicleembedded PC containing the PowerMatcher software was built in both Volkwagen Golfs, as well a router with UMTS connection for the neccesay network connection. To top it off, a beautiful display in the trunk was installed as well. Tim de Lange of InnoSys did all the hard work and at the end of the day, in both cars all hardware was installed.

These two cars will participate in the Integral field test that is currently running in Hoogkerk. Their driving range is approximately 200km on a full charge.

Before the cars were picked up on Friday by Essent, Eric Bakker from Humiq and Bart Roossien from ECN did some last configuration to finalise the installation. With the latest version of the display software the Essent EVPowerMatcher is working in both cars since last Monday. The owners of these cars are now able to set the State-of-Charge that is requested as well a the maximum current that can be used to charge the batteries. Also, the owner can tell the PowerMatcher Agent at what time the battery must have reached the requested fill level.

Display The PowerMatcher GUI application in the back of the car.

Powermatcher is awesome